Minerva Consulting & Communication
MINERVA Consulting & Communication is a Belgian PR agency specialised in managing, implementing and assessing communication and dissemination activities of EU-funded research projects. Minerva has been actively involved in several FP projects, both as a coordinator and as a partner, to support the visibility of research activities and results and make the communication be valuable, effective and appropriate for the target group.
The diversified competences and expertise of Minerva’s team provide every scientific research project with a full package of activities, including: graphic and web design, preparation of best practices booklets online and paper based, science audiovisuals production, organisation of conferences and seminars, set-up of web conferences and training modules.


European Journalism Centre (EJC)
The European Journalism Centre (EJC) is an independent, international, non-profit institute dedicated to the highest standards in journalism, primarily through the further training of journalists and media professionals. Every year, more than 1,000 journalists take part in the EJC's training programmes, as do numerous bloggers, subject matter experts and stakeholders from the EU, Member State governments, and civil society. The foundation has developed a far reaching network of journalists and journalistic trainers across Europe and beyond.


Foundation AZTI
Azti-Tecnalia is a reputed Spanish research centre specialised in issues related to research on food, seafood, nutrition and related matters. AZTI-Tecnalia works with multiple technological centres and actively participates in working groups of various EU forums and scientific and technological platforms.


European Association for Food Safety – SAFE
The SAFE Consortium, European Association for Food Safety, is the international organisation of scientific institutes and universities active in food safety related sciences. Its mission is to stimulate public debate in Europe on the scientific aspects of food safety by using the best expert knowledge from highly reputed scientific institutes. The SAFE consortium has 16 member institutes from EU member states and from Switzerland, Turkey, Norway and Iceland, and it represents more than 1500 food scientists.


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