MAITRE gives research centres and universities located in Europe and Associated countries the opportunity to HOST A PROFESSIONAL MEDIA TRAINING
for its researchers completely free of charge

If you are a member of a research centre or university, please contact the MAITRE team for more information
Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to host a MAITRE media training session
and improve the communication skills of your researchers!

Here is a list of research centres that have hosted a MAITRE seminar in the past




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Science may be a universal language...

...but communicating results can get lost in translation. The question that follows is how to solve this? The problem stems from the media's over-simplification of a given subject or insufficient involvement from scientists when communicating to the public at large.

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MAITRE project video

Since September 2011, the EU funded project MAITRE has been running 50 training seminars in several EU and associated countries, where journalists and media experts will train a target group of roughly 600 researchers from organisations involved in food science.

How will this initiative tackle the issue at hand? MAITRE aims at transferring the special expertise and knowledge of journalists on to researchers, in order to increase the willingness of researchers to interact with the media and to properly communicate scientific information to the public.

Each attendant will be provided with the MAITRE guidelines at the end of the seminar. For more information, please visit the Seminar - Suggested Reading section on MAITRE website




© MAITRE 2011-2012MAITRE is a project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme and it will run until March 2014.