Useful guidelines


Researchers participating in our workshops will receive an electronic copy of each of the four documents shown below entirely procuded by the MAITRE project. These brief manuals, presented in an lighthearted and easy-reading manner, aim to provide the participants of the MAITRE seminars with the basic and yet necessary tools they should be aware of when interacting with the media.


Best practice guides and publications, Research Council UK

Communicating Science to the Public. A Handbook for Researchers. Natural Sciences and Engineering. Research Council of Canada

Communicating with the Public, Biotechnology and Biotechnical Sciences, Research Council (BBSRC)

Dialogue with the Public: Practical Guidelines. Research Councils UK, 2002

E-­Guide to Science Communication

Guide to the Media, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UK

Guidelines for Scientists on communicating with the media. The Social Issue Research Centre & The Amsterdam School of Communications Research

Guidelines on Science and Health Communication. The Royal Institution of Great Britain, 2001

Teaching Scientists to Interact with the Media. Ecconet, 2009

The Hands-­On Guide for Science Communicators,
Lars Lindberg Christensen, 2005


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