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Maitre recognises the importance of equipping researchers with the tools with which skilled media professionals address the public.

Our tailor-made media training seminars go over the most important points researchers should be aware of when interacting with the media, thus facilitating their research communication.

Supported by professional journalistic content, Maitre workshops are mainly characterised by the hands-on practice for participants.

As well as the training sessions themselves, Maitre seminars aim to foster debate, discussion and dialogue between the participating researchers and the journalists hosting the workshops.

All our courses are designed exclusively for food and nutrition scientists and are tutored by leading and experienced journalists.


Breakdown of Maitre seminars

  • Inside knowledge of the inner functioning of print, broadcast and online media
  • Coaching on how to deal with the media successfully, specially when tackling controversial issues and performing under pressure
  • Guidance towards how to properly judge a project´s perceived news value. 
  • Dos and don’ts. You will get an understanding of both the best practices and the typical mistakes often made when talking to the media
  • What’s your story and how to get your key messages across clearly and concisely, avoiding jargon and unnecessary technical terms. 
  • Professional advice to put together a good press release and deliver a well finished statement
  • Practice to cope with TV and radio interview situations. You will be put on the spot and will be trained how to convey your key message in the best way. 
  • Hints and tips to create credibility on the Web and through social networks
  • Constructive feedback to the exercises performed in the workshop, putting special emphasis on TV and radio practices
  • Opportunity to network and engage with like-minded food scientists.

Ultimately, Maitre aims to facilitate food scientists´ engagement with the media, hoping that the public will have improved access to the current state of the role of food science in Europe.



MAITRE media training seminars are open to all food and nutrition scientists residing and/or working in a member state of the European Union and/or associated countries.

PhD students are also eligible for any of the programmes.

To apply, candidates must submit the online application available on MAITRE's website.

After the deadline, applications are evaluated and shortlisted by a selection committee formed by scientists and journalists. 

The selection will be determined on the basis of objective criteria such as the caliber of the scientist or research team as well as the relevance of their research field to the media.

The selection committee is the only body that can admit candidates. Please note that applicants can submit their application for more than one seminar.

Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail no later than 2 weeks before the seminar is due to take place.

The MAITRE team reserves the right to select the candidates that are deemed appropriate.

Cancellation policy

Once confirmed, should you wish to cancel your participation in a seminar, the Maitre team would appreciate that you notify them in good time to consider another candidate.



Due to the fact that Maitre is fully funded by the European Commission under the under the 7th Framework Programme, all our seminars are free of charge.

Coffee breaks and every lunch will also be provided by the organisers.

If applicable, travel and accommodation costs are not covered.

MAITRE's team at the seminar will be composed of:

Ulli Schauen, journalist and trainer. Contact:

Cameraman (tbc)


MAITRE Project Coordinator:

MINERVA Consulting & Communication

Katja Legisa

Email: /


MAITRE Media Training Coordinator:

European Journalism Centre (EJC)

Cristina Romero

Email: /

The programme will be available closer to the date. In the mean time, please take a look at the attached document describing the main elements of the seminar sessions.
Institute of Animal Nutrition (Freie University of Berlin)

Königin-Luise-Str. 49, Building 8.
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