Practice is the best experience

Media operate according to their own rules. The media trainings developed by MAITRE show scientists how to follow these rules. Rather than filling their days with Media and Communication threories, participants will gain a practical in-sight into communications through hands-on workshops and training seccions hosted by senior journalists.

Scientists will learn how to write effective press releases, how to give interesting interviews and how to prepare statements, among other tasks geared towards the interactions with media and the dissemination of scientific information.

The themes that will be covered include:

Message strategies

  • Through this specific theme, participants will learn about and will be able to clearly judge a project’s perceived news value.

Media interaction

  • This section aims to help participants to interact better with the media. They will not only gain a better understanding of the way journalists work, but also hints on how to handle interviews in a professional manner and manage crisis communication.

Interview techniques and TV statements

  • Scientists will learn how to present themselves eloquently and how to properly control their body language. During this section, scientists will practice different roles during video/television interviews: moving from being the interviewer to being the interviewee.

Press release

  • This part of the program will teach participants how to confidently structure and compose professional press releases and articles.

Do’s and don’ts in media relations

  • Through a set of exercises, case studies and real-life examples, scientists will get a better understanding about the typical mistakes made by food scientists when talking to the media.

Online Media

  • As today Internet is arguably the most used communication channel, MAITRE will offer guidance on how to create credibility on the web and how to trigger communication through it.



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