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Stage fright: a paralysing reality for many when they have to present themselves in front of a group, without possessing the right skill-set.

Researchers are rarely found in the limelight outside of the lab, having to deliver results at events such as a press conference – they are often nervous about presenting in front of an audience. Due to this lack of direct communication between the researcher and the press, research results can end up being presented to the public in a misleading manner.

Register now to MAITRE, if you are a researcher and want to improve your ability to convey the importance of your research to the general public.


Participation is free and will enable you to…
…get tailor-made media workshops given by senior journalists
…learn how to communicate with journalists
…increase your visibility and the impact of your research
…strengthen your own food science communication network

Join MAITRE and increase the outreach of your scientific results!


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